Pet Policy

We welcome dogs, (up to 3 if they aren't too big), and bearing in mind that we don't make a charge, we would like to bring your attention to the following:

Pets are not allowed on the beds or the sofa.

You as the owner take responsibility for the additional cleaning and sweeping of the living areas that may result at the end of your stay. i.e. fouling, chewing and especially moulting!

Because there may be several dogs holidaying here at one time, the working dogs from the farm can be nosey and sometimes roam up here, so please ensure that your dog is kept under control.

Please keep dogs on leads if you think they are prone to chasing sheep. Especially during the lambing season.

If you wish to wash your dog there are numerous hosepipes arond the carparking areas.

Please DO NOT wash your dog in the bath or shower tray as this is acrylic and will scratch.

There is a small dustbin in the recycling area for “doggy waste bags”