Our Enhanced Cleaning Standards Cleaning Quality Standards

Cleanliness is of paramount importance and you can rest assured that your cottage has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before your arrival, full details are given overleaf.

The impact of this pandemic has meant that we have had to make a number of changes to what is actually in the cottage. For the safety of yourself, our cleaners, and others at Woodend, we have made some changes and provided you with additional personal cleaning products for your stay.

Thank you for bearing with us in these difficult times.

Removal of “Non-essential" Items
We certainly don’t want to strip your cottage back to the bare essentials, as this will affect the charm of the place and your enjoyment of the surroundings.

This is about taking reasonable steps to:

  • reduce the risk of the virus passing on through contact with high touch objects
    (the less objects that there are the lower the risk),
  • reduce the cleaning time during changeovers.

To this end we have categorised, as follows, and removed some of the High touch “Nice to haves”:

  • “Must haves”
    Items that without, it would be difficult for a guest to fulfil a self-catering stay (eg. kitchen contents, dining and table ware, TV remotes, cleaning equipment and products, etc).
  • “Nice to haves” - High touch
    Potentially decorative or value-added items such as games, DVD’s, Books, etc.
  • “Nice to have” - Low touch
    Items such as pictures, mirrors, windowsill ornaments, spare bulbs/batteries, etc.

Disposable Gloves
The only areas that you are likely to share with other guests are the Rubbish and Recycling areas and the log store (except the Schoolhouse). To this end we have provided some disposable gloves for you if you wish to use them.

Anti Bacterial Hand Wash and Paper Towels
The hand soap that we provide is anti-bacterial. In addition, there is a supply of anti-bacterial hand wash.

Contact with Guests
We will very much leave you to your own devices, as we always do. However, if you have problems or special requests, please don’t hesitate to come over to the Barn and see us.

On your Departure

  • It would help us if you were able to load the dishwasher (apart from the Bothy), and switch it on.
  • We ask you to please remove bedding and protectors and place these in the clear plastic bag provided, along with all towels and tea towels (even unused ones).
  • Please put the swing bin liner in a wheelie bin, the recycling in the appropriate boxes and your ash, doggie poo bags and loose rubbish to the correct dustbins.

We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our accommodation anyway but in the current circumstances, these are the extra procedures that we are putting in place and the cleaning standards that we pledge to meet for our guests:

    To enable them to work safely, and for the safety of our guests, our cleaners will use a separate facemask and separate disposable gloves when cleaning each individual property and follow appropriate guidelines. They will clean and then sanitise (especially “high touch” items), which will lengthen the cleaning process.

    Customer check-in will now be after 5pm and check-out will be 9am to allow extra time for cleaning as disinfectants need at least 1hr to dry and fresh air needs to circulate in the property during the clean and once the cleaners leave.

    Anti-viral disinfectant will be used to sanitise all surfaces and heavy-use items such as worktops, tables, beds, appliances, sinks, toilets, remote controls, remote controls, switches, sockets, plugs, cords, door/window handles, keys, hairdryers, bins, mirrors, etc. All crockery and utensils will be run through the dishwasher. If you could load the dishwasher (except the Bothy), on your departure that would be very helpful.

    We will remove some non-essential items which are difficult to clean including some decorative soft furnishings (eg. bed cushions, throws, etc) and a few “Nice to have – High touch items”

    All used and unused linens and towels will be machine washed at 60°C. Mattress and pillow protectors are changed after each set of guests.

    For some high touch items we have duplicate copies and will exchange them at each changeover so that you can be sure that they are free from infection (eg. Welcome Folders, sanitising materials, tissues, etc.),

    Customer notifications will be left in the property to reassure guests of the additional care and attention taken when cleaning the property.

    Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, liquid soap, disposable gloves and wipes are provided in the accommodation for guests to use during their stay. We do ask guests to leave anything that they don’t use so that we have adequate supplies for our needs.

    To reinforce social distancing, all properties will be unlocked and the keys inside and can be left unlocked with keys left on a table on departure.

    The only shared facilities are wheelie and recycling bins, and the log store. We will sanitise handles and lids but suggest you use the disposable gloves provided when accessing these.

    We live on site and will be available if needed but obviously need to maintain the social distancing guidelines.